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Soul-Purpose and Karmic Astrology Readings with John Irving

I was first introduced to serious astrology by a mentor in 1982 and have been absolutely fascinated with it ever since. I practice, and also teach, Tropical or Western astrology.

John Irving – Astrologer

I am primarily interested in revealing the main intentions of the soul in the current incarnation and the nature of the karma which motivates that intent. These intentions necessitate both gifts and challenges (particular characteristics, traits and experiences) within an individual’s life in order to be realized, and these are reflected in the astrological natal chart.

Astrology readings can be done by Skype or WhatsApp video although in-person readings are preferred when possible if you are in the Ottawa, Ontario Canada region. You are welcome to record your reading in either case.

Reading Preparation:
For new clients I study the birth chart for an hour to an hour and a half in advance of a reading and this preparation time is included in the fees where indicated below.

Some testimonials can be read at the bottom of this page.

Readings available:

  • In-depth life-purpose and karmic reading of your natal chart.
    Your unique astrological natal chart provides a great deal of information about the specific objectives or lessons your soul set out to achieve or master in this lifetime. The focus and conditions of past-life incarnations is also illuminated. Gaining clarity about your soul mission is extremely helpful and enlightening and it also helps put the themes and conditions of your life into a greater and more meaningful context. I also include an overview of current major transits and progressions.
    A full life-purpose reading usually takes about 2 1/2 hours plus reading preparation (included, see above): $175
  • Follow-up transit reading.
    Major astrological transits often shift or alter our lives or mark major turning points. The duration of some can last several years – some are dramatic while others are more subtle. It is very helpful to be aware of which transits are currently occurring and which are upcoming so we can be more in the flow of trends rather than in resistance.
    Recommended every 3 or 6 months. 30 minutes: $45, 1 hour: $80.
  • Major Transit and Progressions – without having had an in-depth reading.
    Without having already provided an in-depth reading I will need to study the chart but it is otherwise the same as the Follow-up transit reading described above. $150
  • Personal Astrological Coaching.
    Taking the natal chart blueprint and current astrological transits into account in problem solving, decision making and spiritual evolution or progression pathways can be very helpful.
    1 hour session: $75
  • Partnership or couple reading.
    A great deal can be learned by comparing and/or blending a couple’s natal charts (analyzing a couple’s synastry and composite charts) including the nature of any karmic or past-life bonds between the two. Also discernible are areas, issues or energies that flow easily versus ones that are more challenging, the nature of attraction that brought the couple together, how a couple’s energies can best be expressed collaboratively, and periods of expansion, growth or challenges.
  • Astrocartography reading.
    An astrocartography reading helps determine beneficial geographic locations for advancement depending on an individual’s main areas of focus or concern. Examples include: Career, vocation or status; love, romance or marriage prospects; income potential; leisure or recreation; spiritual advancement; study or learning; happiness and well-being; health or healing; etc.
  • Birth time rectification.
    Reverse engineering your birth time when it’s inaccurate or unknown.
    $45 per hour
  • Akashic record sourced birth time.
    $50 Please read this post for details.

Please Note: Natal chart interpretation and forecasting accuracy is highly dependent on birth time precision. If you aren’t sure about the accuracy of your birth time, or don’t know it, I provide birth time rectification services (see above).

Remote readings must be paid for in advance.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Please Contact John Irving to book a reading.





I’ve benefited from John’s advice for years, both personally and professionally – I frequently consult with him about my clients. His readings are astonishingly accurate. Whether you’re a dabbler who’s interested in a real chart reading, or a keen follower of this ancient school of thought, you have never had a “horoscope” like this. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Anne Marshall
Junia Matchmaking Services
Guelph, Ontario Canada


John’s readings are life changing. He is both extremely knowledgeable, and very intuitive. He provides excellent insight and understanding to one’s current circumstances. This means for instance, understanding why challenges in life are appearing, and what strengths and energies are positively influencing you to grow and heal in the best possible alignment with your soul’s purpose in coming here. I have learned so much through his readings about the influences imprinted in me through my birth chart, and the ongoing energetic influences in my life. His transit readings have helped me to plan special events (personally and in business), and to maximize the benefits for my own inner spiritual work. His synergy readings have helped bring light and understanding to some significant connections with others (i.e. family members, intimate partners, friends). John is very passionate about astrology, and it comes through in his readings. They are detailed, in-depth, dynamic and always hit the nail right on the head. Highly recommend!

Jaime Constable
Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian Sacred Temple Bodywork
Ottawa, Ontario Canada


John Irving has supplied me with such beneficial tools to comprehend where I’ve come from spiritually and where my focus will most benefit me on my path so I can best serve myself and others. The clarity I now have has lightened the weight so I can continue on my way, I feel supported and grounded. Truly amazing, I am grateful.

J. Frizell.
Ottawa, Ontario Canada