I was first introduced to serious astrology by a mentor in 1982 and have been absolutely fascinated with it ever since. I study and practice Tropical or Western astrology.

John Irving – Astrologer

In addition to being a student of astrology – which takes many lifetimes to master as far as I am concerned – I currently practice Kriya Yoga as brought forward by Babaji Nagaraj. I also practice Kundalini Yoga and I am also a certified Reiki practitioner. Additionally I have studied with a western Mystery School amongst many other things.

In recent years my time has been divided between Ottawa, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I feel a great rush of inspiration and gratitude when I am able to support those who are consciously on, and committed to, their Spiritual path. Spiritual development can be very challenging as cherished illusions fall, false beliefs are relentlessly challenged, and the Soul purifies the being, Karma and the life of the native in question. Thus I feel great compassion and empathy for such brave Souls, my spiritual brothers and sisters.